Must-try foods in Mykonos

Mykonos has grown into one of the most popular island destinations in Europe, attracting visitors with all sorts of different interests. From those looking to waste away endless days on the beach, to movie buffs looking to follow in the footsteps of their favourite actors, Mykonos offers something for everyone.

No matter the reason behind your visit to this Cycladic crowd-pleaser, one common denominator of every holiday is the chance to explore new foods, which will live in your memories long after the experience has ended. Here, you will find an eclectic mix of eatery options, from traditional tavernas filled with locals to fine dining restaurants of international acclaim. Mykonos’ thriving culinary scene is also propped up by the food stalls and bakeries that line the streets all around the island.

Whether you’re already planning a trip to the island, or it’s still on your travel to-do list, here are three foods you have to try on your next Mykonos adventure.


From the country that gave the world feta, you can expect the neighbouring islands to know a thing or two about cheesemaking. Mykonos certainly upholds this reputation, and there are a range of local cheeses that will capture the imagination of any visitor, turophile or otherwise.

Whilst it’s produced across many of the Cycladic islands, kopanisti is most closely associated with Mykonos. Affectionately referred to by many as the “Greek Roquefort”, kopanisti shares many characteristics with its French counterpart, with a rich taste that can divide opinion. The cheese gives a spicy flavour and a smooth texture, and it can be served as an appetizer in its own right, or used as part of other dishes.


What’s a meal in a Greek taverna without some mezedes to whet your appetite before the main course? Mostra is a popular appetiser on the island, owing to its flavoursome yet uncomplicated composition. It consists of tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and capers, which sit atop a barley rusk that’s been generously smothered with the aforementioned kopanisti. Any local will tell you that mostra is best washed down with a glass of ouzo, which does wonders to complement the varied flavours of the dish.

It's a simple recipe that you could even try to recreate at home as a pre-holiday amuse-bouche – what better way to get in the mood?


Don’t be mistaken – Mykonos’ best delicacies aren’t all of a savoury persuasion. There are some truly wonderful desserts and sweet treats that are just as big a part of the island’s culinary landscape. One such dish is the unmistakable melopita, a sweet cheese pie flavoured with honey. Very few dishes encapsulate the traditional tastes of Mykonos like a slice of this delicious pie – the proof is quite literally in the pudding. The filling is made using tirovolia (another local cheese), cinnamon and honey, which is encased by crispy sheets of pastry.

Whether you take a quick stop at a local bakery, or want to round off a meal in traditional local style, indulging in a melopita or two is a non-negotiable for any foodie staying on the island.

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